Meeting minutes - Automated

Acta helps you make meetings more productive with less execution delays by quick and faster follow-ups in due time by providing the automated minutes of meeting.


Transforming ideation to action

Clear ownership of actionand quick follow-ups

Evidence of commitments and reference

Streamline all your meeting in one place

Automate your repetitive work and save time

ACTA makes your meetings smarter and actionable

Convert your meetings into work-flow management

Intuitive Experience

Acta's robo quite an intuitive experience.All you need to just invite [email protected] to your meeting and see the magic unfold.

Automatic speech recognition

You can view complete speech to text with speaker diarization(who is talking), who participated and recap of conversation.

Join in any conference

No matter what conference system you are using, Acta ROBO will join and generate classified meeting minutes

Classified meeting minutes

From the conversational speech, acta can segregated into action points, decision and key notes, and apply sentiment analysis.

How it Works

All you need to invite [email protected] to your meeting and see the magic unfold. Simple & Intuitive

  • Invite robo via Email, SlackBot, SkypeBot or provide me the dial-in and conference details - that's it !!!

  • will do everything for you.

  • Record you conversations.

  • Robo will apply Natural Language Classification and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

  • Generate meeting minutes in the form of action points, decisions & key notes

  • Action points to tasks in JIRA, Agilean, SalesForce or Trello


Enabling AI in every meeting conference.
Introducing Minutes-as-a-Service (MaaS) from ACTA

Who Needs ACTA

Businesses who need acta services and why they need it

Sales Consultants

Sales consultants who use acta for sales strategy, sales meeting with customers, their action plans and regular follow-ups in due time

Legal Services

Leading industries who use acta for legal transcription services are law firms,court reporters, attorneys and other legal professionals.

Corporate meetings

Software companies uses acta for their status meeting, standup calls, client meeting and customer support


HR using acta for their telephone, skype and face to face interviews, ensure candidate interviews enable a full transparent.

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